Over the past six years Papillon has achieved a HIGH success rate in assisting people to lead wonderful and fulfilling lives

Department of Health Practice Number: MHNGO146COJ
Department of Social Development Registration Number: 196198NPO
Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa Number: 0558648

Welcome to Papillon Psychiatric Recovery Centre

Papillon Psychiatric Recovery Centre is South Africa’s first psychiatric mental health facility offering a total solution to people suffering with mental illnesses. Our programmes range from three months, six months and long-term assisted living facilities. Endorsed by most medical aids for the first 21 days.

We offer recovery that sustains clients requiring longer term treatment boasting a HIGH success rate as measured by clients recovering to their maximum potential. Registered with Department of Health the centre enjoys relationships with international facilities to remain abreast of latest developments in mental health care. Our programme is based on the McLean Hospital’s Five Phase Programme. McLean is a US based hospital and a Harvard affiliate.

Papillon services a maximum of 25 clients due to the intense nature of our programmes. We have over 22 professionals working with our clients.

What our patients have to say

Our Team

You can’t build a fire if you only have one spark.


Managing Director

Yolandé completed her degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at UCT in 1996. She has worked in the field of dual diagnosis as a counsellor and coach since 2011.


Consulting Director

Khomotjo is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Psychiatrist, in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa.



Jermina works Papillon Psychiatric Recovery Centre as an integral part of the team. She graduated BCur and MBCHB degrees at Medunsa.

Endorsed by most medical aids for the first 21 days

Papillon is a non-profit centre offering care based on international standards. We offer more than medical stabilisation - we empower you to move forward and be the awesome person you are. Your difficulties count for you at Papillon - because we teach you how to make a success of whatever you decide to do, using the lessons a mental illness offers you.

Mental Illness is Common

According to a comprehensive study done on mental illness in South Africa, The South African Stress and Health (SASH) study, 30.3% of adults will have suffered some form of mental disorder in their lifetime. In the twelve-month period measured in the study, one in six adults suffered from common mental disorders, and a quarter of these, suffered serious mental disorders; this represents one in four out of every hundred South Africans.